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upon dollar city senior year but twenty thirteen will go down as a very bad year for violence in iraq will look at what's happening inside the country after us troops left and will look at which country has thought of as the greatest threat to world peace. plus i miss eight weeks and possible military strikes in syria in twenty thirteen or just some of the topics that the obama administration stumbled through the dinner party takes a look back here that was in the view your white
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house. then raising the minimum wage the measure was approved last year by several states early two days into the new year when former congressman says raising and actually hurts more than it helps the lower class. that really the case. find out later today show. it's thursday generated second bite them in washington dc and sam sexton you're watching art it but we begin with breaking news about the nsa spy agency hope the links would stop in twenty fourteen. the ochre on to the washington post is reporting on the nsa efforts to build a supercomputer for what they refer to as a crypto logically useful quantum computer capable of breaking any sort of encryption on the internet documents provided by edward started revealing the project is part of the nearly eighty million dollar research program called penetrating a
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part of targets. civilian computer labs have long been working in the field of quantum computing cutting edge science require large shielded rooms known as spared ak his great supercomputers. the far more capabilities than classical computers. we all used to that. despite the amount of money and attention devoted to their quantum computer project appears the nsa is no further along in research that then top civilian louts but experts believe a fully functional quantum computer could be built within ten years. the code breaking capabilities that could render all forms of online encryption unreliable. i would have significant impacts on the security update and medical and financial transactions all across the wet. we are two major newspapers around the world began the new year by taking a stand for edwards noted. first the guardian's editorial board on wednesday made a case for the pardon of edwards started arguing. mr snowdon your journalist in the absence of meaningful
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reliable democratic oversight and giving people enough knowledge about the nature of modern intelligence gathering to allow an informed debate then on the other side of the atlantic on the same day on new years the new york times also praise started calling him the whistle blow or insane. when someone reveals the government officials have routinely in deliberately broken a law that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government. pres obama should tell the states to begin finding a way to end mr stephens vilification and give an incentive to return home the york times runs a bullet point several of the nsa violations as revealed by edward snowden including the hacking of data links to a duel and yahoo the efforts to undermine encryption and proof that the director of national intelligence james clap or lied to congress last march when he said the nsa was not collecting data on americans then out to iraq which is just coming off its deadliest year since two thousand and
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eight. according to the united nations mission to baghdad seven thousand eight hundred and eighteen civilians were killed in sectarian violence this year alone in iraq. at any iraqi security forces deaths in the toll rises more than the eight hundred. the war the country officially ended in two thousand eleven the violence continues in peace is part five. iraq is the lasting legacy of us intervention in the middle east which might explain the results of a new global poll conducted over sixty five countries around the world. at the end of twenty thirty. that poll done by the worldwide independent network and doll up fast people. which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world for that. and part away the not so distinguished honors went to the united states with twenty four percent saying america as the greatest threat to peace. other nuclear armed nations round out the top three with pakistan and second eighty percent in china in third at six percent. some of
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the strongest anti us sentiments came from russia and china were roughly fifty percent of respondents in each country imported the us as the greatest threat to peace. even residents of allied nations like mexico brazil spain and germany as well as residents in islamic nations like algeria in indonesia. all pick the us as the top threat to peace other nations like levin on iraq in tunisia. israel is the greatest threat to peace in all those living in poland in georgia russia to be the greatest threat to bits now despite the overwhelmingly negative attitudes the world has torn us policies that threaten to use the poll also asked the global community which country they would prefer to live in. and the united states' top that list as well by nine points. so there's that consolation for americans. or should we take away from these numbers and as iraq continues its descent into violence is the time to the united states to rethink its role as the world's
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policeman. earlier i spoke with retired brigadier general david williams is the vice president in the potomac institute for policy studies strategy and color printing division first ask him if you believe that the violence in iraq resulted from the us is two thousand three invasion and occupation that followed. our seminal tickets or there's a direct correlation between our occupation what's happening today. i believe more and anything else. it's the way the situation in iraq was well. and then the power brokers inside iraq. settling disputes or grasping for those elements which will give them control in the future within a country which is a very rich country bulletin boards natural resources and i think that's what a lot of points about at this point we say how we laughed i remember the two thousand election mccain and john mccain caught a lot of flak as you said you know i'd stay there fifty years a hundred years as long as the as long as it takes. are you saying that the us left
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iraq too soon. our. i don't think we left too soon because obviously the way our nation conduct war is engaged is based on the up local weather in our countries. i just went beyond that point on. but i believe. from at least how i are engaged in anbar province was upper body during half a minute or two thousands of. i believe we could accept the mall for a little bit better of economic success which would ensure a lot more of the security that backwards and that was needed at that time. and by not setting up those economic deals and no structures. you can put all the policemen are all going to really want the world. when that oversaw it all back home when the parents aren't there anymore the iraqi forces or us forces. things are gonna happen and unfortunately people squabble. for the for those financial assets. it's kind of brutal war happens now as you know what's to be done in the country. a week
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and the us population is unwilling to put more send more troops back to iraq at this point obviously the president and congress are can be on board with that so does the us had any sort of role in creating peace in the country at this point our. it's a great question senator five years without one. i wouldn't use it here but i i would offer. i think we continued to stress boasting is the united states stands for most things which are light and that will manifest itself across time when you get your intro you spoke about a lot of people don't like the united states but they still like the wind imagine it was a consolation almost like a consolation prize. you might view it like that. but the people of the world i still think i still believe and why people still still think this is the united states is the country that is the beacon. we need to continue to act like a beacon don't waver for most goals policies those issues and
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eventually things will work out why. but consistency and foreign policy and things like that. they take time and effort and unfortunately innocent people are being caught in the middle right now in a very tumultuous middle east with europe's parade and all that comes with an all employee just mention you brought up that disconnect of the usb far away though the leader in this poll is as the greatest threat to violence yet. a plurality of people around the world still want to live there. how do you explain that this connected as it suggests that it meant the world that still wants the united states there they just want the united states to live up to the ideals that the united states says it is trying to live up to rather than exporting violence across the world. yes and i think you just sit there and now in an unfortunately in a couple of the countries that you mention that i have the highest in tight us opinion that a lack of affordable price which is one thing when people look at the united states. they are in march. strive for. of that
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dichotomy in those two speaks exactly up. one of the most troubling things up no one who was conveyed was doing anything that lights the police arrived and though i did i'd shy away from that armed police action because i don't think united states is trying to be the world's policeman. but that's how the perception is changing in altering that perception where we where we manifest our good qualities which without being too heavy handed. there's an art that there's not a science engaging with other countries to be a little bit different and we have to be exceptionally careful in the way our government and gauges tropical. or we will run into opinion polls that you cited. and to those who don't have the freedom of the protest will get to decide what united states offers or is trying to do retired us marine brigadier general david reyes is also the vice president strategy and many of the potomac this stupid policy studies
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thinking. and at eleven on the massive explosions that killed at least five people and injured more than sixty other people. the blast occurred in the busy commercial district capital city of beirut. officials believe a car bomb was responsible. according to el or are there or be a lebanese security forces have secretly dismantled several car bombs in the area recently there have been unable to prevent a series of explosions in recent months in the senate us and we go another explosion in downtown beirut killed four people the former government minister and injured more than fifty eight. official to leave you with the recent bombings is due to increase sectarian violence spilling over from neighboring syria is long and bloody civil war then as we transition into the new year there's a least one person who is grateful for the end of twenty thirteen. art is irritated looks at pres obama trouble here and some the stumbling blocks. he faced. in a million people around the world and in reading
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the glass and paint. here's the start of twenty fourteen no one in reply to a peak in twenty thirteen deadline morning president barack obama. and that is something he addressed an enemy or perhaps conference after being asked if he thought was the worst year of his presidency. i have now been in office five years. close to five years. i was running for president for two years before that and for those of you cover me during that time we have had ups and we have been damaged and two i didn't forget this past year. there are areas where there are certain to frustrate him swear i wish congress to move more aggressively. while the president is frustrated that comrade many americans are equally frustrated with oman overhead power of the black here and take a quick look at the issue that will define president obama has twenty thirteen year in office. starting with a victorian man say. in june of twenty thirteen former government contractor edward
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stone and little in top of the national security agency's secret surveillance program. and the revelation show the nsa has reached expanded to meet your company's world leader in the american senate and it's his first comments about the leaks. this is what obama had to say. by sifting through this so called mega data. they may identify potential leads. with respect to folks who might engage in terror. this does not apply to us citizens and does not apply to people living in the united states the friends of the program even had come under fire in the court system. in the white house's own review panel has alienated privacy and civil liberties advocates so what do my routine this year in disaster. after years of crisis and syria has worsened. most americans can agree on one thing. a us led war in theory i would not be
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the answer. in fact according to reuters. it's this cold from august of twenty thirteen and nine per cent of respondents were in favor of the intervening militarily in the country. but despite the overwhelming opinion president obama remains static fast in his september speech to american that it targeted strike even next course of action. ultimately a diplomatic solution was announced. however some analysts have said that obama is drumming up support for military intervention chip lead and that his liberal base. and that takes us to what was supposed to be president obama most significant legislative accomplishment. health care now all known health care dot gov website was nearly impossible to use when it launched what was perhaps more detrimental to the present backtracking on one of his most common complaints. for if you like your doctor or health care plan. you can get. if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. if you liked or
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private health insurance plan you during years of no one had been the thing may lead the americans that they could keep the want you. we finally learned in twenty thirteen that's not exactly the case president obama forgot to mention that only grandfather to help plan and be able to meet all of them on to you covered requirements. he's made some temporary reparations to fix the month the health care remains a thorn in his side. now these are just three of them and those obama from last year which help explain why the president and his fifth year in office with the worst approval ratings of his presidency. if you just take a look at this pollster aggregate guilty his approval dropped from about fifty three percent in january last year to forty two percent in december. the numbers that close to how obama the twenty thirteen. so even on twenty fourteen signify the new year it may not necessarily
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signify a clean slate for the oval office in washington during rt three on first and fourth amendment rights and need not apply on the united states borders. just before new years a federal judge in new york ruled that the government's controversial searches of individuals laptops cellphones and other devices at the border. do not violate an individual's rights to privacy and free speech lawsuit was brought for the american civil liberties union and other organizations after university student from a train from montreal to new york in two thousand ten has a laptop seized by customs and border protection officers for eleven days the aclu argued such searches were part of a broader pattern of aggressive government surveillance however u s district judge at work or been dismissed that claim. he argued that such searches are very rare and ten in a million chance he said. and that if people don't want to be searched they shouldn't trouble with electronic devices. he said
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while it is true that laptops may make an overseas work more convenient the percussion splits may choose to take to mitigate the legit harm assisted with the remote possibility of a border search are simply among the many inconveniences associated with the international travel this is the forecourt to roll on the issue to other federal appeals courts of the searches while one core role that such searches should require reasonable suspicion workers around the country are re and a new year with a new rates workers this year will see a bigger paycheck in thirteen states. new york new jersey connecticut and rhode island raising the state minimum wage. several other states including arizona colorado and florida are increasing the cost of living wage for workers. california will be increasing its statement in which to nine dollars halfway through the year and washington d c in parts of maryland will also see minimum wage increases in two thousand fourteen. now twenty
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one states require employers to pay workers of all of the federal minimum wage which is still seven twenty five an hour. pres obama and democrats are hoping to increase that federal minimum wage sometime this year to nine or ten dollars an hour for the fizzy lot of opposition from the right the opposition is perhaps best encapsulated in a recent op ed by former congressman ron paul who argued. raising the minimum wage increases the price of labor thus decreasing the demand for labor to an increase in wage will lead the hiring freezes and layoffs on the scale and inexperienced workers are the ones most often deprived of employment opportunities by increases in minimum wage i spoke or there with brian gordon senior editor reason to learn more about this perspective and i first asked him why raising minimum wage isn't a good idea well i mean that the that there's no way to quantify it but we do know that the people contender for
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the minimum wage and in whom i would kill them all the ups and indicates that the number of more than it's worth remembering that. more than half of the people earning minimum wage. our people between ages sixteen and twenty four. when i worked a minimum weight room kitchen for right winger for people trying to earn an income so if you look at the people lament the fact that five to fifteen twenty four. these are people who need it most of all to get a fork in the job market. one of the best ways to increase your ability to for more money in any job market and guiding factor for the door and if we walk out before which we inevitably will. no employer to hire an employee to get them to so if you're in your employer in the end of the glass and rapidly kids are not think however that did not really. on one and again it's worth remembering
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when then went for work and the guide showed the states that already hobbled ireland win in the federal offer to you and i are keen on importing not worth the read aloud to them what i'm wondering though if these losses of supply and demand necessarily apply to the labor market like ron paul was suggesting in like you're suggesting there been several studies done on this issue in virtually every single one to show no increase in unemployment with a minimum wages increase of two thousand study compared fast food employment in neighboring new jersey pennsylvania new jersey raise the minimum wage employment was affected. another study in two thousand ten from unc university california map look at every single pair of neighboring counties in the us with different minimum wages and found no discernible impact on unemployment so why does the science team to back up the spoken warnings about raising the minimum wage offer to call the corporate recruiter you're talking about being relevant that the elephant in the not too good to roll down a rope and a teleprompter for topple for the best of breed insights that we come up with regularity and want to think
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anything regarding economics there are so many things that go into effect in any given to eat and drink that there is no way particular will need to look into what they do actually know what that because there are a million things that could affect what makes the bathtub restaurant or any other restaurant chains to make any given higher into thinking that we actually will prove lot in regular use go beyond just looking at what you can from this website is all about. it is economic in its entirety utterly meaningless we do not understand that other things being equal the future or more for something. people are going to demand you over for the pathetically an economist who is trying to look at the world and claim that the law of demand that the pastry to the economic slide to work with the wheel when you breathe in the know in almost every other of the world. when the price of something that increased demand for blasting you should look at these approaches empirical study
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which are always being done for political rally. i get to one point of the world where maria island even though the law the gospel far then you should look to the truth the economist in two thousand twelve it's not exactly a bastion of liberal thought. i said that evidence is mounting that the water in which he rages can do more good than harm. the morning for neglecting the stimulant of affective an increased minimum wage low wage workers basically spent all of their income if they have more income for a minimum wage increase they would spend that two and spending generates economic activity the economic policy institute estimates that a minimum wage increase to ten dollars when you create thirty two billion dollars in new economic activity of course that's all done without adding a single dime to the deficit which i'm sure reason to hate so why isn't this a good idea. but good bit daunted at the top of the wish you the youngest worker cannot live with the raise the minimum wage they weren't that good that you're going to attract some
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people were generally below which kill people who might go up. i don't feel like cooking burger for stomping on it. you know what to do he j durg suer vacation the college radio blog if you were perfect absolutely you can attract the foreign market that when you are still learning the low wage workers and if you did it all you're looking at is the notion that we want to help some people want the people who already be gone. and i really care about go ahead for good care at all about giving people of that of the job ladder working encouraging companies to automate the ways other than that which lever for people down the line and raised the show. then go ahead again it's extremely silly to claim that the law the economics of the week of working in one area where politically convenient for a walk. when people were entitled to one more question here. aside from the economic
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share the reality is that there are millions of americans who are working full time jobs and the team in which a detective by adding there had to rely on federal benefits to it to make ends meet. what should we be doing about that these people in the short term in the immediate term to address this rather serious problem with our economy. we need jobs we need more people that were dropped in the way you get economic growth if not theovernment management not the government ordering people around the door while he has to grow with the law of the proprietor who they want to fight the fire. if not the job of any given that the two hundred minimum wage workers to the omega. what about the money people think in winter. this whole thinking we should be doing anything. allowing the report that the economic threat to work. with the free market to work. ryan already. senior editor at reason. thanks for coming on. two hurricanes have faith in their lawmakers to address the many problems the country is facing a new
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poll suggests know the associated press and or sioux center for affairs research finds that fifty five percent of americans believe the government is doing a pore job representing the views of most americans they just want out of twenty americans are willing to say that the american system of democracy works well and needs no change is just one of twenty americans. despite the mistrust lawmakers at least mostly local level are still at work. passing laws and they're quite a few interesting new laws set to take effect in twenty fourteen are cheese maybe lopez breaking down. well happy twenty fourteen and reminded january first brings with it not truly anyone here but also new lines that come into effect and the ball dropped in times square some forty thousand in local state and federal law kicked and across the country. look at some of the interesting ones that we found no intel and residents can no longer possess sell or distribute shark fins inside state lines
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shark is becoming increasingly popular phenomenon globally in recent years and is using its msn as well as to make shark fin soup. this isn't just about to seventy three million sharks are killed annually for their pains and fears are that the shark population is in danger as an assault in speaking of eating in oregon and new on the books now allows mothers to take the consent of the week after giving birth. the growing trend for new mothers to eat their full sentence for the nutrients and sign. only in pill form. some pollsters call for mothers to bury it in the ground to protect the newborn babies sorrelnd ome peopleike to make art out of it i commanded you and upgrades for animal prints for portland area family is illinois was the center of the new slew of lines that just might raises some eyebrows. illinois and organic happy and teens under eighteen from going to cancel on his cell looks like we'll have to get their winter below from the sun's reflection on the snow. also in illinois in general and an
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upper hand at it from monitoring hunters and fisherman. this line is in direct response to the people for the ethical treatment of animals new initiative called air angels which encourages for hobbyists to search by skyline from legal letrs p a even self and runs for the explicit with the website says that the drums are f those who are fourteen and older and can be used for other things like taxing people for drinking on possession of a firearm. and last but not least the final installation of the two thousand set in la sign that president bush means lights ut for manufacturers literally the federal law stops companies from producing the two most popular blogs in the country the forty watt in the sixty one balls in place of those incandescent lights will be in the more expensive howland involves compact fluorescent bulbs and e lights and high efficiency internet since they don't here is to reduce energ consumption in us and to save money. thousands of new and interesting not that we found it. you know many
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others on the youtube page and share some of your favorites in washington i don't know as rte. and finally tonight the second day there just so happens to also be the busiest day of the year for online dating sign ups. props trying to fill that new years resolution to just not be lonely in twenty fourteen in terms of people flocked to the net after the ball drops to find a partner. but this time last year on j henri second twenty thirteen match taco saudi ninety four percent increase their daily sign ups. then just in time for the online dating surgery to zeus has a study that can help you find the right match women think twice about taking your profile picture outside the zeus says indoor pics will give you sixty percent more attention. but for guys it's the opposite they get ninety percent more attention if their pictures are taken outside. cover gentle and make sure that you're outside picture is not a self the self is the new eighty percent fewer
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passengers. to get this you might think. posing with a furry little dog makes you more appealing. it doesn't both men and women see their popularity decreased by fifty three percent if they pose with the animals. ultimately the way to get the most attention on lines two spines is to just post a full body pic of yourself which will boost your messages by an average of more than two hundred percent. and that does it for now. for the store's recovered go to youtube dot com slasher to america. check her website cited rt doc comes fletcher said. and you can follow me on twitter at same will see you right back there at eight pm. i don't know. the surface this is to see. all in. you
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knew you were when will we thus the us. i don't. than welcome to e zine it's friday january third. i'm testing a banshee in tokyo. a car bomb has exploded a neighborhood of the lebanese capital beirut. at least five people were killed more than seventy will read it the attack underscored the deep divide between shia and sunni muslims


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